2. Corporate governance in Vietnam: Some useful documents

1. “Directors’ Powers and Duties in Vietnam” by Jeremy Seymour Pearce.

This thesis fulfils the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Legal Science in the Faculty of Law at Bond University (Australia), Oct 2009.

Abstract: This thesis explores the effectiveness of Vietnamese directors’ duties and analyses them within the broader context of Vietnamese corporate governance. It argues that Vietnamese corporate law has the core ingredients to evolve a stronger corporate governance model in line with the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and the “law matters” evidence.

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2. “Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in Vietnam”

Le Minh, Toan and Walker, Gordon (2008) “Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in Vietnam,” Bond Law Review: Vol. 20: Iss. 2, Article 6. Available at: http://epublications.bond.edu.au/blr/vol20/iss2/6

Abstract: The framework for corporate governance in Vietnam, especially for listed companies, is in the early stages of development. This study examines the corporate governance of Vietnamese listed companies. Some case studies of the corporate governance of listed companies are provided. The study concludes that listed companies need to improve their corporate governance to ensure market transparency, investor protection and effective management in order to ensure better development of the securities market.

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3. “CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN VIETNAM : A SYSTEM IN TRANSITION” by BUI XUAN HAI* AND CHIHIRO NUNOI, Hitotsubashi Journal of Commerce and Management 42 (2008), pp.45-65

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Abstract: This paper investigates the current practice of corporate governance and evaluates its effectiveness in the nascent equitised companies of Vietnam. I identify a comprehensive set of governance mechanisms for Vietnam’s equitised companies and constructs relevant measures for them. I then create a rating index, known as the V-index, to reflect the overall level of governance practice in Vietnam’s equitised companies. The paper finds that better governed companies according to our index are associated with better company’s performance. The result indicates that good corporate governance matters in Vietnam, however, its impact remains modest. The paper also provides implications for both Vietnamese policy makers.

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5. “Corporate governance country assessment: Vietnam” by WB, June 2006

Executive Summary: This report provides an assessment of Vietnam’s corporate governance framework – its laws and regulations, supervisory and enforcement mechanisms, and the market environment, with particular attention to the securities markets. The report highlights the key issues, a summary of observance of OECD Corporate Governance Principles, and recommendations for change.

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